• The Wine Glass Holder

    My background is in industrial design and it has been a passion of mine for quite some time. I've been working on creating a series of innovative household products. My idea is to use minimal design and simple hardware to create useful objects to make your life easier. For my project i developed a solution for carrying multiple glass at a time, full or empty. The Wineglass holder are made of Luan plywood or Plexiglas and designed to hold the glasses in a secured position to avoid spilling or breaking. For every pledge you'll get a DIY (Do It Yourself) wineglass holder and the components. For the maximum pledge, you get the wine glass holder in wood + plexiglas + a bottle holder and its stand. Video
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Pack 3

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Pack 1

The Wine Glass Holder – Patent Pending

Dimension : 7.2 ” x 7.2 “, height is adjustable with screws and nuts.